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Skin Cancer

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. It is widely acknowledged that prevention is better than cure and an early detection of skin cancer can save your life.

Please see the types of skin changes to look out for.



A is for Asymmetry -

Look for spots that lack symmetry. That is, if a line was drawn through the middle, the two sides would not match up.

skin cancer

B is for Border -

A spot with a spreading or irregular edge (notched).

skin cancer detection

C is for Colour -

Blotchy spots with a number of colours such as black, blue, red, white and/or grey.

skin cancer detection

D is for Diameter -

Look for spots that are getting bigger.

These are some changes to look out for when checking your skin for signs of any cancer:

  • New moles.

  • Moles that increases in size.

  • An outline of a mole that becomes notched.

  • A spot that changes colour from brown to black or is varied.

  • A spot that becomes raised or develops a lump within it.

  • The surface of a mole becoming rough, scaly or ulcerated.

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