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Hornsby Medical Centre, Skin Cancer Clinic and Travel Clinic. Yes we are a bulk billing medical centre

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Call us: 02 9987 1007
BULK BILLING OPEN 7 DAYS, Shop 4, 21 Hunter St, Hornsby, NSW 2077



Appointment are not necessary, however they are recommended to reduce your waiting time, walk in patients are welcome. Emergencies will take priority. If you need a longer consultation please ring and make an appointment.


You are welcome to ring and check if your results are available. If you wish to discuss the results, please come and see one of our doctors or make an appointment. We also have a recall system, if your results are abnormal we will endeavour to contact you to arrange an appointment.

Reminder System

Hornsby Fountain Medical Centre is committed to preventative care. You will be included in our reminder system and any Federal or State registers to give you the best care possible. We have now moved to a secure text messaging system to send out these reminders. These would include reasons such as vaccine schedules, pap smear, diabetes and cholesterol checks.

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