Mental Health

At Hornsby Fountain Medical Centre, our doctors provide mental health care support, assessment, ongoing care and referrals as required. We also have two psychologists on site with appointments available Monday to Thursday, Simone Turner and Herbert Fung, more information can be found here

If you require a new mental health care plan, please book an appointment with your GP. If you require a longer appointment, please call us on 9987 1007 so our receptionists can reserve the appropriate time for you. 


Starting a conversation about mental health with your GP   (Source:

Tell your doctor:

  • your symptoms or how you feel

  • your concerns

  • how what you feel has affected your life

You can take a family member or close friend along for support; they can also help explain your situation to the doctor, and they can help remember the discussions you had.


Visit government website: Health Direct for more information.