Our Medical Centre aims to make health care easily accessible.  As such, we take appointments either online or by phone to reduce your waiting time, and also walk in and wait patients.

Please note, we do not take appointments by email or answer medical questions by email.


All patients should present and "check-in" at Reception with their current Medicare card to be eligible for bulk billing.

Standard consultations last up to 20 minutes (Level B), if however, you need more time with your doctor, please arrange an extended consultation when booking your appointment.

Urgent appointments will be seen by the next available doctor. Please advise reception if you believe you require an urgent appointment.

Fees and Payment Policy


Bulk billing is available to all patients with a current Medicare card. Appointments may be charged a private fee determined by the doctor. Please note fees apply for skin cancer checks and certain procedures. 

If you do not have a current Medicare card, then private consultation fees will apply:

Level A    $  40.00

Level B    $  75.00

Level C    $ 110.00

Level D    $145.00

Non Attendance Fee

Please note a minimum 1 hours notice needs to be given to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If this is not given a $30 fee is payable.

Workers Compensation patients must provide a Claim Number each time they present for a consultation, until a claim is accepted and a claim number provided the patient is accountable for ALL fees at the time of consult.